How to Save Money When Buying Clothes  

With the cost of gas, food and mortgages rising every day many are looking for ways to save money. Fortunately, you can still save money when you purchase clothes for your family. There are some easy ways to save money when you buy clothes.

Make a List Before Shopping.

When you go clothes shopping without a list, a store tempts you with its attractive displays and the latest styles. All of a sudden, you are drawn to buy things you might not have considered otherwise. However if you have an exact list of what you need for each family member it is much harder for you to be tempted. You’ll find that with your list in your hand you can take the store by storm, looking easily for these exact items. When the store does not have the items at the price you want: you can choose to shop somewhere else.

Do Comparison Shopping Online First.

Many retail stores have online stores where you can see a majority of their inventory. Visit these online stores to see if they have what you want. This will give you a good sense of their prices and exactly what type of merchandise they do carry. The store may not have all of its merchandise listed on the website; this is still an excellent opportunity for you to see a great deal of what they do have at their in-store locations. Some comparison-shopping can save you a great deal of time.

Locate Coupons to Save Money.

Many stores now offer coupons to help draw in the shoppers to come to their stores. Some may wonder why a store would offer a coupon, often these stores think that shoppers will simply spend exactly what they originally budgeted and will at times spend even more for splurge items that are listed at sale prices! A sale can be very tempting to customers if they are not thinking logically. Being organized and practical though, a sale is an ideal opportunity for a family to save a great deal of money. Many families shop regular sales to save money on things that they were hoping to find even at regular price.

Remember to Look for What you Need, not What you Want.

Some shoppers are so easily tempted; they will often buy what they want and not just what they need. When you buy what you need, your budget and finances stay under control. Your family then saves money on clothing and other items you may need. When you start to look for items that you want, simply for the sake of wanting them, this is a true danger zone.

An example of this is that you need a good winter coat to stay warm but you want one with real fur around the collar. You truly do not need the real fur around the collar; it has no practical use in keeping you warm and is just a way to look attractive. Looking at other coats will most likely be less expensive. Start by looking for what you need and not what you want.

Has Anyone Else Tried Forskolin Extract & Seen Results?

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking.  Another scammy Dr. Oz diet product that probably doesn’t work and costs way too much money.  And I don’t blame you if that’s truly what you’re thinking right now, but I have to say that before the new year I decided to make a solid effort to loose some weight in 2016 and just try to be healthier in general.  This wasn’t a resolution, as much as it was a decision to change my lifestyle for the better.  So I’ve been eating quite a bit better as well as walking 3 days a week with my neighbor, who’s in awesome shape by the way.

She turned me on to a few natural supplements to help kick start my weight loss and one of those was Forskolin extract.  I actually hadn’t heard of it before she mentioned that it was a great, natural fat blocking supplement that basically stops the body from turning extra sugars into fat.  A byproduct of this process is additional energy and a host of other health benefits.  Come to find out that Forskolin has been used for centuries in Asia and other parts of the world to treat hypertension, glaucoma and a bunch of other stuff.  Before I got a free trial of some pure forskolin, I did my research and there have actually been some clinical studies done that prove it’s fat blocking & weight loss effectiveness.

So I started taking Elite Forskolin, as directed obviously, and within a week or so I noticed that I had lost about 4 pounds.  Not a ton for sure, but I was excited.  The combination of my better eating habits, additional cardio exercise plan and the forskolin supplement seems to have started working.  I then noticed that Dr. Oz, the daytime idiot doctor was also promoting Forskolin and I got concerned.  Not because I didn’t think it was a safe supplement, but because his reputation for touting the latest and greatest fat burning diet fads is fairly well known.  I was worried that the Forskolin wasn’t actually going to help me with my weight loss after all.

I’ve been taking it now for about a month and I’m still seeing nice results however.  I’ve lost about 12 pounds and I feel awesome.  I’m going to keep using the forskolin trial until it runs out and probably get one more bottle.  I’m sure at some point it will not be as effective, but until then, I’m going to enjoy the ride and keep working hard to eat healthy, live healthy and enjoy every moment.

Great Natural Skin Beautifying Tips

beautiful skin

I truly love natural ingredients when it comes to my skin care.  I hate the idea of putting nasty chemicals on my skin and letting it sit for hours at a time.  Here are some great natural foods that you can use to get amazingly healthy and beautiful skin.  Try some of these and let me know if you see some great results like I did.
Whether you smooth it over your skin or get it in, these meals can help you keep that youthful glow and fight ageing. Here are simple suggestions which you may choose to incorporate on attractiveness regimen or your diet plan to keep that radiance in your skin:

Fitness Journal reports that girls who consume green and yellow veggies frequently were discovered to have less wrinkles, particularly around the eyes, said Dr. Wu. More so, the anti-oxidant found in these vegetables may also lower epidermis sensitivity to the sun, based on Dr. Banks. You might comprise two glasses of of peppers day-to-day to your own daily diet.

Women’s Health Journal reports that the anti oxidant found in bittersweet chocolate, flavonols, might decrease roughness and shield skin from sun-damage. Based on a research published in The Journal of Nutrition, girls who drank hot chocolate were discovered to have more powerful resistance and better epidermis feel to ultraviolet light rays. Take a little of Hershey’s Special dark-chocolate for the daily dosage of flavonols.

This green leafy vegetable fosters cell’s capability to revive themselves, reviews the Wellness of Women. Apart from protecting you can offer you a less wrinkled and more buxom epidermis. You may even wish to use collards also.

Green Tea
Based on Dr. Perricone, green-tea is filled with anti oxidants that combat inflammation. Drinking green-tea was likewise found to lessen skin cancer, reviews Wellness. Squeeze ample quantity of lemon-juice to extend the advantages of green tea to your own body.


Dr. Perricone claims that these infants are packaged with polyphenol antioxidants that fight off free radicals and modulates skin’s blood circulation, reviews Fitness Journal. To get a rosy glow, even undesired lines could be helped by one pomegranate or you may even utilize it as a moisturize to smooth creases out.

Olive Oil
Health reviews the anti inflammatory qualities of olive-oil also go in your skin. Based on Dr. Perricone, early Romans utilized to use olive-oil into their skin.
He added that, if used on your skin, it’s going to provide you with a more radiant and smoother skin. Regardless of the anti inflammatory advantages you get when you utilize oil in your daily diet, it may also prove useful in case you have chapped or dry skin. It may be applied by you as a lip gloss or moisturizer on dry areas.

Sweet Potatoes


Women’s Wellness reviews that potatoes are packed with Vitamin-C essential to collagen generation. The more collagen you might have, the less wrinkles you’ve got.

Your endocrine which will cause wrinkles can be disrupted by the escalation in blood glucose, reviews Fitness Journal. Burgoo takes more time to consider breakdown maintaining your blood glucose steady. They’re also uncovered have skin-healing qualities.

Safflower Oil
This may be your greatest moisturizer as it’s loaded with omega 6 EFAS. People who have eczema can substantially take advantage of this oil. It keeps your skin from becoming flaky, itchy and dry, reviews the Wellness of Women.

Kidney Beans
A research demonstrates that there’s a correlation between flaws and zinc. Zinc is considered to have healing qualities, in accordance with Dr. Wu. It is suggested to have four ounces of frijoles that will help you might have skin that was clear. Frijoles have high zinc content, reviews Fitness Journal.